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Welcome to my site! I chose the Baskerville theme because it was the only name that meant anything to me. Let me know if you know others that might be suitable.

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Coniston Fells 22-3-2020


View south from Prison Band, on my way from Swirl How to Black Sails; our first fell, Old Man, in the distance. The day before the start of the coronavirus “lockdown”, and the fells were thronged with walkers (and dogs) enjoying what might be their last visit for many months.

Fairfield 26-2-2019

This was the day that the UK winter temperature record was beaten – 21.2°C in London. The previous record had been set only the day before: 20.3°C in Ceredigion. It was pretty warm on the Fairfield Horseshoe too!

Eskdale 13/14-5-2017

Blea Tarn Bonio break

Let me off!

He’s barking. Sees this birthday card and decides sheepdogs like quad bikes!

Mallowdale 9-5-2017

Kentmere 3-5-2017

You can see the sun, but not the wind – so strong that I was glad I’m only 2 feet (tall) – and have 4 feet!



Hurry up. My bum’s freezing!

Totridge & Langden 1-11-2016


I look quite clean here, but after the next 3 hours of romping through gloopy peat hags I was black all over. They chucked a ball in the brook at the end to clean me up, then left me to dry off whilst they indulged themselves in Puddleducks.


An island (tidal) off an island (Anglesey). In the background is the Llyn peninsula.


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